About Us

Quill & Tine

Quill & Tine is an innovative Canadian Toronto-based design studio that designs and develops luxurious touchscreen leather glovewear. Presently going into its 5th fall-winter season, Quill & Tine is proud to be the first and only exclusive Canadian brand to offer an array of designer leather touchscreen gloves at this quality, design, and calibre.

Each glove pattern is meticulously developed in-house. From design, leather sourcing, production, and quality inspection, the designer is involved in every step of the way for each and every glove.

Since its inception in 2012, Quill & Tine has set the bar for quality leather touchscreen gloves, and continues to introduce new styles with a view to providing only the highest standard of luxury, style, and innovation.


A Cut Above The Rest

No sprays, no synthetics, and no toxic chemicals. Many touchscreen gloves use aniline sprays for touchscreen capability - such treatments degrade the leather and the touchscreen capability is temporary. Quill & Tine’s leathers are finely tanned and tumbled with an immersive treatment of a patented & specially formulated biodegradable solution to enable permanent touchscreen capability.

Quill & Tine leathers are hand-selected by the designer from mills in Italy. Our cashmere, silk, and wools are sourced from mills in Italy and Australia. Quill & Tine strives to ensure all its leathers are free of toxicities.

Rather than using mass-manufacturing sources, Quill & Tine employs small workshops to ensure quality and expert craftsmanship. Each style has extremely limited runs to guarantee exclusivity and consistency in quality.